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NEW ARRIVALS AUGUST 1ST : WE've just added about 30 titles, restocking & never seen before brand new rarities including AFROBEAT, DISCO, LATIN, CABO VERDE, SOUKOUS, REGGAE, MANIDNG, ANGOLAN, etc.

We have been selling records by mail since 1999.
Diasporarecords delivers the best, strictly on original vinyl, within a wide range that includes African music, Latin & Brazilian rhythms, Worldwide soul, funk & fusion & much much more.
If you are after unusual tropical clubby records or mellow grooves, then Diaspora is the name.
Feel free to email us for questions, send wantlists or trade offers to :

V--A FEAT. ORCHESTRE VEVE « BASSALA HOT » - Edition Veve – Hit parade volume one
Jaw dropping 8 to 10 minutes long afrobeat track w/ percussion breaks strong Fela Kuti feeling steady sax soli. Minor aging & wear on cover sticker on front writing on back. Vinyl in top shape.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG++ | Editions Veve | No release place
60.00 EUR
Super funky highlife tune a la Ebo Taylor & K Frimpong on this scarce LP recorded by vis-à-vis from Ghana guitar leader features vis-à-vis band members Slim Manu on bass sealed original.

LP | Cover / Rec >> S / S | Makossa ORIGINAL | USA
40.00 EUR
HENRIK LANJELE - Lenga lenga
Scarce Angolan afro psych and psych merengue lp w/ backing by Evoluçao Africa in clean shape. Sleeve has w/ light aging & dirt light brown water damage on front & light warp. Record plays VG to EX top shape only some light noise on intro to "zum zum lambaie" B1 otherwise plays superbly.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG+ | a Voz de Cabo Verde | Portugal
35.00 EUR
LOUIS WASSON - S/T - Toid' aboro
2 afro disco funk dancers also 3 soukous tracks sleeve is missing hole is off centered on side B (which includes one of the funky tunes & 2 soukous) but sound distortion is only minimum. Has a bit of noise/clicks on intro to side A (clip 2) from marks.

LP | Cover / Rec >> NA / VG- | Iyanda records industry | Nigeria
50.00 EUR
features a slap bass disco boogie track w/ female chorus at "Get up Tchamassi". Some light aging & dirt on cover writing on back slightly noisy on edge though in top shape w/ minor warp.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG+ | Andy's | France
25.00 EUR
CADILLAC - Discococo
Scarce disco boogie meets forro medley LP produced in Brazil. Sleeve has aging & dirt. Peel off & small bite on one of the corners sticker on front center hole has apparently been expanded by previous owner so you need to be careful when placing the record on the turntable to make sure it's not offcentered vinyl in nice shape minor backing noise from a few marks.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG+ | Gram / Continental | Brazil
45.00 EUR
SEXTETO HABANERO - El sonero / Sacudiendo mis maracas
Cuban son at it's best on this scarce SA pressing sleeve has 2 large tears on front otherwise clean record in great shape light pressing noise.

78 rpm | Cover / Rec >> G / VG | His master's voice | South Africa
30.00 EUR
MANINHO MA VOZ DI SANICOLAU - Fundo de mare palinha
Several raw danceable coladeras on this scarce Cabo Verde release minor damage on front cover.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / EX | Arsom | Portugal
45.00 EUR
NHU DE PED' BIA - Nos criola
Serious Cape Verdian rarity in top shape features solid dancefloor funana synth tunes !

LP | Cover / Rec >> EX / EX | Babylon records | Portugal
35.00 EUR
Superb work released by Angolan master singer includes both raw uptempo merengue folk & deep laid back tracks sleeve has strong aging & dirt small peel off on back record plays well w/ light occasional noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG | Ngola | Angola
75.00 EUR
Strictly cumbias including some danfeloor goodies on this rather scarce LP released by the Cape Verdian sax player. Light aging on cover sealing stamp on mouth record in top shape.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / EX | A Voz de Cabo Verde | France
40.00 EUR
Angola meets Brazil masterpiece recorded by the Angolan musician with a group led by Brazilian Tiao Perrazzo includes a mix of Angolan and Brazilian themes/music top shape.

LP | Cover / Rec >> EX / EX | Morabeza records | Holland
45.00 EUR
OS ALEGRES - Reacçao
Ultra rare Cape Verdian title definitely worth a check if you're into Tropical grooves featuring several raw uptempo coladeras. Sleeve has strong agng/dirt record has many light marks but it's a thick press so sound quality is still great w/ minimum noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG | La do si discos | Portugal
60.00 EUR
FRANK DE PINA - S/T – Bulto preto na sucuro
Several tropical dancefloor hits on this private Cape Verdian prod. Sleeve has minor aging/wear writings on label..

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG++ / EX | Private press | Portugal
60.00 EUR
Check the latin vibe on part 2 to « Jeannine » on this scarce otherwise strictly rumba compilation of previously released Docteur Nico material. Edited by the Congolese Alamoule label and pressed under licence in Kenya sleeve has light aging many writings writings on labels record in nice shape.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG++ | ASL | Kenya
35.00 EUR
3 solid dancefloor tracks on this scarce lp by the singer/guitar player. Sleeve has aging & dirt sticker on front but many writings writings on labels too.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG+ | Papa disco / ASL | Kenya
40.00 EUR
INTERNATIONAL MINZOTO - Dance caneton a l'aisement
Heavy uptempo dancefloor soukous produced by Veve sleeve has light aging/dirt small writing on cover & label record plays really well.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG++ | Edition veve | Kenya
35.00 EUR
V--A FEAT. ORCHESTRE VEVE LIPUA LIPUA KIAM - Edition Veve - Hit parade volume two
Raw dancefloor soukous tracks taken from previously released singles first time ever I catch this Editions Veve press. Ultra rare. Sleeve has aging/dirt writing on label record plays well w/ just light occasional noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG | Editions Veve | No release place
45.00 EUR
AMADOU BALAKE & SUPER VOLTA - Kambele ba / Johnny
Great 7" only tracks on this dead stock copy that unfortunately has a serious pressing default that causes a continous whoosh on both sides during 60-80% of both tunes (which are killers !). Light aging on cover.

7inch (SP) | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG- | Disques CVD | France & Upper Volta
7.00 EUR
TENTEMBA JAZZ DU MALI - Yankanimissa / Moussolatintani
Deep manding grooves Rail band style single only record has many surface marks & constant noise deep mark on side B causes loud clicks (check clip 3).

7inch (SP) | Cover / Rec >> NA / G | Badmos | Ivory Coast ?
15.00 EUR
Scarce Nigerian lp featuring two reggae roots / late rock steady inspired tracks w/ very obvious Bob Marley's Catch a fire album references. Sleeve has dirt/stocking wear some peel off & light brown water damage wear along upper seam.Record plays w/ light occasionnally noticeable noise from light marks.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG | Polydor | Nigeria
30.00 EUR
MOJA NYA - Freedom for trots / Jah guide
Reggae roots rarity a bit of aging on cover vinyl has inaudible light marks just wooshes on intro to side B due to stocking in damp conditions (check clip 2).

12 inch 33 rpm | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG++ | Jumbo Caribbean disco | USA
90.00 EUR
THE PONY TAILS - Born too late / Come on Joey dance with me
Scarce UK 78 rpm release of their first big hit. Sleeve has aging/dirt writings & mini tears but no split or hole record has marks but plays w/ only reasonable to light noise for a 78 rpm.

78 rpm | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG- | His master's voice | UK
30.00 EUR
SANGAZUZA - Quando eu parti
4 uptempo soukous/sao tomean afro pop tropical dancefloor winners and a very consistent well produced album all through. Sleeve has strong dirt wear/aging, light brown water damage, record has many surface marks & reasonable to light noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG | Arsom | Portugal
160.00 EUR
OS BOSSA TRES - S/T – Blueswalk
All times instrumental bossa jazz / samba jazz masterpiece led by Luiz Carlos Vinhas feat. Edson Machado on drums & Tião Neto on bass. Recorded while on tour in the US Brazilian press. Mild occasional noise light dirt wear sticker on one of the labels.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG+ / VG+ | Audio fidelity | Brazil
35.00 EUR
LEONEL - Caminho do mato
Massive club friendly funana track on this scarce lp from Cape Verde sleeve has aging/dirt peel off on front light brown water damage wear on back record plays greatly on the side that has the standout tune but side B has some slightly audible marks.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG | Discos Minte Cara | Portugal
40.00 EUR
MILTINHO (AKA MILTON BANANA) - The rhythm and the sound of bossa nova
Brazilian jazz / instrumental bossa lp arranged and backed by Oscar Castro Neves minor aging & dirt on cover small writings on back record plays really well and is in top shape w/ just some light occasional noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG+ | Audio fidelity | USA
35.00 EUR
CRETCHEU - Africanas na Lisboa
Indemand Cape Verdian lp that has dancefloor tunes such as the title tune & "tunina" also check the cadence tune. Sleeve is VG- to VG w/ aging & light dirt but no split & no peel off. Record plays VG- to VG+ w/ occasional noise more noticeable inbetween tracks from many light marks.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG- | Arsom records | Portugal
170.00 EUR
CONJUNTO EVOLUÇAO AFRICA - Tira lodo / Mana colela
2 great Angolan music dancers taken from their hard to find LP for the same label, warp & wear on cover, vinyl in top shape.

7inch (SP) | Cover / Rec >> VG / VG++ | Voz de Cabo Verde | Portugal
25.00 EUR
PRIMO TRIO - S/T – Garota moderna
A few solid samba jazz tracks on this lp recorded by the Brazilian pianist. Sleeve has aging & dirt promo stamp on back 4 » split on top & bottom some tears & damage on mouth record has marks & reasonable to light noise.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / VG- | Musidisc | Brazil
20.00 EUR
Deep manding soundz Malian style highly recommended for any Syliphone/Rail Band/Super djata fan…featuring Les Ambassadeurs arranged & directed by Kante Manfila recorded in Ivory Coast. Dead stock unplayed copy.

LP | Cover / Rec >> EX / M | Kaba productions | France
30.00 EUR
Scarce French late press of their classic Northern soul lp with the slight difference that it includes « As is sit here » which isn't featured on the US press light aging/dirt on cover mini bite on mouth. Vinyl in top shape.

LP | Cover / Rec >> VG- / EX | Dore 60's / Esperance 1980 re. | France
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